Anticipation Revs Up Over 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

New Electric SUV Concept Car Coming Soon to Gebhardt Volkswagen

Close up of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D CROZZ test vehicle

All in for the All-Electric 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

Looks, power, comfort, and safety are all key ingredients to a great car. But, the real home run is finding the vehicle that speaks to your unique character and caters to your lifestyle. If you’ve been considering an all-electric SUV, the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, coming soon to Gebhardt Volkswagen, could be that breath of fresh air.

The I.D. CROZZ is one of four Volkswagen electric concept vehicles scheduled for release soon as part of its “Think New” initiative. The others are the I.D., I.D. BUZZ and I.D. VIZZION.

With more and more people in the Denver and Boulder area driven by green initiatives, the upcoming release of the fully-electric 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ makes for great timing.

To learn more about the concept of all-electric vehicles and how the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ can enhance your experiences while complementing environmental initiatives, visit Gebhardt Volkswagen in Boulder, CO.

What’s the Buzz Surrounding the Electric Concept Vehicle

One of the bigger misconceptions about next-generation vehicles like the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, is that they won’t produce the same power, comfort and convenience integrated into traditional vehicles. That’s just not the case.

The reality is that all-electric vehicles like the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ will deliver better sustainability in addition to better safety, comfort, and convenience. By now, everyone understands the primary motivation behind the electric concept, which is to help eliminate 100% of emissions and greatly reduce damaging effects on the planet.

With tremendous strides and innovations coming to fruition every day, Volkswagen’s creation of the I.D. CROZZ is making every driving experience more exciting, practical, green, and convenient. To learn more about the benefits of what can be had in the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, including autonomous driving, schedule an appointment to meet with a representative at Gebhardt Volkswagen.

Look and Design of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

To consider all the innovation and forward-thinking measures that are going into the creation of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, one would be remiss to not also think about the charm and personality of the new concept car.

With maximum efficiency in mind, the exterior of the I.D. CROZZ will be defined by well-sculpted, sleek lines and an aerodynamically-inspired overall flow on the SUV body style.

Often, a deciding factor when choosing a vehicle is motivated by how well it speaks to the character of the driver. The unique charm and appeal of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ just might speak volumes to your character.

Inside, drivers and passengers will find no shortage of space. In fact, the amount of space in the I.D. CROZZ is akin to that of the Tiguan. What they will find, though, is a substantial number of future concept features, like sliding doors and a panoramic sunroof that customizes amounts of shade … all based on motion control.

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Fuel-Free Power in the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

Based on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ will utilize electric motors to produce an estimated 302 horsepower and top speeds of 112 MPH. The I.D. CROZZ will feature all-wheel-drive and strut-type (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension, much like the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

By way of a 150-kw DC fast charger, owners of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ will experience a full 80% charge after just 30 minutes. Fully-charged and using the New European Drive Cycle, the I.D. CROZZ will offer an estimated 311-mile driving range.

Technology and Safety of the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ

Never before has technology been so instrumental to car safety than with the creation of vehicles like the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ.

Given the nature of the innovative creation, the 2020 I.D. CROZZ will produce an Augmented Reality head-up display, autonomous driving in I.D. Pilot mode and a retractable steering wheel when the I.D. CROZZ is in that auto-pilot mode.

Imagine headlights able to function like your own eyes. With the 2020 I.D. CROZZ, you get just that to pave every way in smarter, brighter fashion. The LED lights become an “integrated spotlight,” complete with the ability for the lights to shift in all directions and even communicate with other drivers using the on-demand auto-pilot feature.

An infotainment tablet will allow you to easily connect to your smartphone for everything from hands-free phone calls to calling up and enjoying all those favorite playlists.

To learn more about all the tech specs and safety features on board the 2020 Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ, visit Gebhardt Volkswagen, the car dealership more drivers in Denver and Boulder, CO prefer.

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