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Transmission Fluid Exchange

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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service


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Recommended Every 30,000 Miles

Transmission drained and fluid replaced with Genuine VW Factory approved transmission fluid. Inspection of transmission housing, seals, and cooler lines for leaks.

Visit Gebhardt Volkswagen in Boulder, CO for Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Whether your Volkswagen has an automatic or manual transmission, it will need transmission fluid exchange service from time to time. When it's time for a transmission fluid exchange, head to Gebhardt Volkswagen, serving Superior and Lafayette, CO. We'll be glad to ensure that your VW gets nothing less than the best!

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

In both automatic and manual transmissions, the transmission fluid is responsible for keeping the moving components within your transmission lubricated so that they don't get damaged by friction. However, the transmission fluid also takes on extra roles if you're driving a VW with an automatic transmission. Since automatics produce more heat than manual transmissions, automatic transmission fluid also serves as a coolant. This extra function means that automatic transmission fluid is often a special formula that differs from the oil that lubricates manual transmissions.

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Why Does My VW Need a Transmission Fluid Exchange?

As time goes by, your transmission fluid will likely become contaminated. Microscopic bits of rubber and metal can get loose in the fluid, decreasing its ability to function as a lubricant. This problem can happen in both manual and automatic transmissions, but automatic transmission fluid has another potential problem: degradation. The fluid can degrade and break down due to the heat generated within an automatic transmission. Either way, your VW will need fresh transmission fluid so that the transmission can remain lubricated.

How Often Should I Have the Transmission Fluid in My VW Changed?

At Gebhardt Volkswagen, we recommend that you have this important service performed every 30,000 miles, though it may be necessary to have it changed before then under certain circumstances. When you visit us for a transmission fluid change, we'll use only genuine VW factory-approved transmission fluid so that your VW retains its impressive high quality. We'll also be sure to inspect the seals, cooler lines, and transmission housing to make sure that there are no leaks.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Schedule Your Next VW Transmission Fluid Exchange at Gebhardt Volkswagen in Boulder, CO

When you're ready to make your next appointment, Gebhardt Volkswagen makes it easy. We have Saturday service hours that make it easier for you to find a time, and our online service scheduler adds to the ease. You can enjoy our comfortable waiting area (complete with amenities like a complimentary coffee bar), or take advantage of our courtesy transportation shuttle or complimentary ride share service. Or, ask about home or office pick-up and delivery. We look forward to giving you and your VW the best at Gebhardt Volkswagen.


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